Comfort & Performance

A good and comfortable shower experience requires an optimal blend of key performance elements. Eco Shower achieves this by uniquely harnessing the properties of water the maximizing the surface tension features for maximum wetness and effectiveness of every drop. The real advancement is overcoming the necessity of high volumes, without the limitations of aerating or jet streaming the water flow.

The adjustable setting on the Eco Shower VX is continuous – that is you can change it from a wide spray to a solid stream of water, and fine tune it to anything in between. This also makes it the most versatile and adjustable shower head as well.

You may choose between soft, large drops, strong jets or a rapidly pulsating massage jet. The advance geometry in the turbinevane screw provides this unique interplay between the law of physics.

Temperature Retention

Enveloping warmth is one of the key requirements for shower comfort. Large droplet size of the the optimum setting means less surface area for heat loss. Essentially warm water with no air, delivered with impact.


A satisfying water stream will provide warming coverage and a pleasing and enlivening impact. Eco Shower VX delivers in large bulbous drops, released with propulsion and achieving a comfort to volume ratio unattainable by all other shower head modes.

Rinsing Effectiveness

Effectiveness here is again attributable to the droplet size and the impact pressure. Aerated water tends to be dry and frustrating for this key showering function. Also quicker rinsing time can give further savings.