Durability Features

How long will it last?

VX 7.9L water saving shower headHard water?  The Eco Shower VX effectiveness is not lessened and does not need maintenance because of limescale build-up – regardless of how hard your water you do not have to descale this showerhead. In addition there are no moving or removable parts resulting in a strong and durable showerhead. The first user of the Eco Shower VX – is still using the same showerheads for 8 years. Our confidence is matched by a 3 year guarantee.

• Contains fewer parts.

The Eco Shower VX contains fewer and more reliable parts, which gives it a considerably longer life than conventional showers.

• 3 year guarantee.

Each Eco Shower VX has a 3 year factory guarantee.

The Eco Shower VX is very simple in functionality making it remarkably durable with no moving parts. Simple and reliable and designed for many years of efficient and comfortable showering.

Suitability and Durability

Once easily installed it will continue showering and saving for a minimum of 3 yrs, guaranteed.  Designed for hard waters, limescale build up is never a problem, regardless of water hardness.


Payback in months, lasts a lifetime

Heating water will account for the bulk of a household energy bill, up to 70% estimate the Energy Saving Trust. A simple shower head changeover will pay for itself in just a few short months and a performance warranty of 3 years.