Easy to Install & Maintain

It is very simple

Just unscrew your existing showerhead form the existing hose or wall mount and replace. All hoses will fit to the Eco Shower VX and with a wall mounted fixed head there must be an arm to attach to – but 9 times out of ten, if there is an arm – the showerhead will fit and is easily transfered.

Once fitted, functionality will never be compromised by a part failure, as it has no moving parts or by Limescale build up in a hard water area, simply because there is just one outlet point that limescale cannot adhere to. It fits all cradles and is light of weight which will help it not to droop if your existing cradle grip is not so strong.

How it works

Eco Shower VX harnesses the ability of water for showering though a unique turbine vane innovation.

Why install?

We believe the key to water efficiency is not only reducing wastage of excess hot water, but improving performance and the key criteria for satisfaction. So less water and energy consumed but more showering satisfaction.

Why Save Water?

Financial savings aside, South African water resources are stressed with an average national rainfall well below international average.  This makes water a scarce and precious resource that we should all try to conserve.

Fixed head to fit all standard 1/2 ” thread.  ( 1/2″ is a generic fitting size)