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VX 7.9L

The Water Saving VX7.9L is different. Its unique, intelligent construction and comfort-level has been extensively tested and is proven by two independent Scandinavian Testing Institutes to be the superior mode of shower water delivery. The VX 7.L challenges the idea of traditional showerhead construction, raising the standard through innovative design which has received world-wide recognition as the ultimate form of efficient water use. The Eco Shower VX has been tested by Eskom and is listed on their website as an Approved Energy Technology.


Price: R450 excl Postage
Color: Chrome
Water Consumption:: 7.9 litres per minute [Tested by Eskom]
Fitting: 1/2” inner thread. Swiwel nut
Material: ABS
Functions: Stepless Vario-spray with massage function, Anti-limestone.
Comfort test winner (NBI)

VX 7.9L water saving shower head


– No sieve plate, holes or nipples where lime scale can build-up.
– Operates equally efficient in a wide water pressure range (0.5 – 5 bar).
– Shower rose is infinitely adjustable from a fine spray to a hard pulsating stream of water.
VX 7.9L water saving shower head

– Large drops of water for optimal heat retention and water on skin pressure
– Used by many 5 star hotels, hospitals and cruise liners in Europe
– Guaranteed no lime scale build-up
– No microbial growth or spore formation
– No holes, nipples or sieves than can get blocked
– No aeration of the water stream, limiting the fine pathogenic aerosol of harmful bacteria. Inhalation of
dangerous microbiology is a major cause of diseases like Legionnaires disease.

– Can cut a households water heating account by up to 40%
– Limit geyser load time
– Save on hot as well as cold water
– 3 Year guarantee
– No loose restrictor that can be removed after installation leading to return to old technology and no savings
– Pleasant shower experience will ensure that it is not removed/replaced, going back to old inefficient
showers negating the saving aspect.