Save Every Month on Water and Electricity

Eco Shower VX will deliver a flow rate of 7. 9 litre per min (as measured by ESKOM). Unlike other manufacturers we will not claim to save you up to 70%  – because nobody knows your existing flow rate and such claims are misleading but we do claim to have the leading technology for efficiency and effectiveness.

Water Consumption

Our max efficiency model has a flowrate of 6 litres per min – 15 %  lower than the leading market ecoshower. Also the flow rate with Eco Shower VX is constant regardless of pressure.

  • Max Efficiency Model gives 6 litres per min constant from 0,5 bar min pressure to 5 bar at very strong pressures.
  • Unbeatable savings and comfort achievable on all systems.
  • Model of 9 litre per min measured equally effective as traditional flow of 19 l/m.


How much can you save by using an energy and water saving shower head:

By using an energy efficient shower head, setting your geyser to 60 degrees Celcius and sticking to a 7-minute power shower, you can save around 35 litres of water every time you shower.  In a household that takes an average of three 7-minute showers per day – that’s close to R421.58 per year on your water bill.  Not forgetting the energy you’ll save by not heating 23 000 litres of water;  another R877.80 per year.*

Electricity and Water Savings Table*

Ordinary shower head 

Flow Rate

Water Savings 


Electricity Savings 


Monetary Savings 


15 litres per minute 37 800 873 R 887.80
18 litres per minute 45 360 1053 R1 053.36
20 litres per minute 50 400 1170 R1 170.40

*Eskom 2011